In the collection of Global Digital Reports 2019, We Are Social and Hootsuite collection reports that there are currently 4.39 billion internet users worldwide. With more than half of the global population online, chances are that your talents are online, too. That means that if you want to recruit for your organization, you have to go digital. Check out these 5 tools that can help you take your digital recruitment to the next level!


5 Tools You Need to Take Your Digital Recruitment to the Next Level

Social Media

In a 2015 survey by Pew Research Center, they found out that a majority of U.S. adults (54%) have gone online to look for job information. There are also 45% who actually applied for a job online.

And from the 2019 Global Digital Reports, at the start of 2019, worldwide social media user numbers have grown to almost 3.5 billion, pushing penetration to 45%. While time spent on social media varies across cultures, but it’s still a big part of people’s everyday lives. This means that social media is a big part of a jobseekers’ life, too.

So, to take your digital recruitment to the next level, one of the tools you really need to utilize is social media. There are even various tools designed for recruiters to use depending on the platform.

For example, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used sites for recruitment. Even back in 2013, a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that among the organizations they’ve surveyed who use social media for recruitment, 94% of them use LinkedIn. What more today? As the largest professional network, LinkedIn even boosts features like LinkedIn Jobs and other products under LinkedIn Talent Solutions to help you with your recruitment.

Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, also included a job posting feature for businesses. As a recruiter, you can receive job applications in the platform itself, which makes it easier for you and the candidate to contact each other.



In today’s fast-paced landscape where almost everything is instant, the faster you reply, the better your chances are of engaging a candidate. Applicants greatly appreciate it when you respond to them. Whether it’s to answer their questions, to inform them that you’ve received their application, processed it, or even if you rejected it.

To ensure your responsiveness, you can make use of chatbots. Chatbots can be on duty 24/7. If you notice that applicants to your organization usually ask the same questions, you can even program it to answer FAQs, saving you the time from entertaining them. You could also use them to acknowledge applications, update progress, send confirmations, reminders, and more.


Applicant Tracking System

Digital or not, recruiting is a challenge, especially in a competitive market. Having an efficient recruitment process also affects your quality of hire. Hiring too fast risks not hiring the right person, which may affect engagement, satisfaction, and retention. But hiring too slow also has its own costs.

So, to make sure that your candidate screening is faster but still efficient, you use an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system or ATS, as defined in our previous blog post, is a “software that allows you to make your recruitment process efficient and effective by allowing you to manage candidates’ information in a single central database.”

With the numerous applications that you receive in a day, evaluating them can be time-consuming and cost-heavy. You may also experience the problem of receiving a resume only for it to be lost. With an applicant tracking system, you have a central database of all your applicants. Depending on your ATS, you can even incorporate assessments and video interviews in it so that you can better track a talent’s progress and performance. It can also help you take your recruitment to the next level by eliminating biases that may hinder you from finding the right person for the job.


Online Assessments

Employee assessments are great investments. Whether you have a large or small talent pool, it can help you make smarter hiring decisions. But, pen-and-paper tests have their limitations. In a digital world, even your assessments have to adapt. That’s why if you’re going to invest in workforce assessments for your organization, you should shift to online ones.

Online assessments are also valid and reliable, just like their pen-and-paper counterparts. They’re even easier to administer and cost-effective since you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable location to accommodate your examinees, printing your tests, and finding proctors to administer them.

With online assessments, you can also break the geographical barrier. A lot of talents take into account locations in their job hunting. With online assessments, you can access candidates from all over the Philippines and even overseas, allowing you to have a larger talent pool.


Video Interviewing

Interviews can be time-consuming. Interviews, on average, lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Assuming that you work an 8-hour shift, you can only interview 8 candidates in a day.  That is if you allot a full-day into interviewing. However, if you do that, your other responsibilities may be affected.

So to take your recruitment to the next level here’s a digital tool that you can use: video interview. Video interviews can help you make your interviewing easier. With this tool, you can interview multiple candidates at the same time. You also reduce wasted time and effort for no shows, late interviewees, and applicants that aren’t qualified.

And, in your hiring, how many candidate’s interviews really remain in your mind? Not many, probably. Unless that talent is particularly impressive. With video interviews, you lessen the risk of missing a great applicant just because you can’t clearly recall how your session with them went. You can replay, review, and even rate them.


When everything’s going digital, your recruitment shouldn’t be left behind. By using the tools mentioned above, you can take your digital recruitment to the next level!


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