Social media is one of the digital tools you need to take your recruitment to the next level. And LinkedIn, as the largest professional network, should be part of your recruitment. This social media site boasts more than 700 million users worldwide. So, if you’re looking for talent, LinkedIn should be one of the places you look at. Here’s how you can maximize LinkedIn for your recruitment!


How to Maximize LinkedIn for Your Recruitment

Make sure you’re visible

The first step to maximizing LinkedIn for your recruitment is to make sure that you’re on LinkedIn. And this doesn’t only mean that your recruiters are on the platform, but that your company is, too.

This is where company pages come in. A company page is your public profile on LinkedIn. Use your page to give updates about your organization. If you have any job openings, you could post them there. Your company page is also an essential part of building your employer brand because the content you post on the page reflects your organization.

Remember that the job seekers of today don’t just consider the job, but also the company that they will possibly work for. Being visible on LinkedIn enables applicants to learn about your organization easily, and can also help give them a good impression about working for you.


Connect your employees to your company page

After making sure that your organization is visible on the social media platform, encourage your employees (both past and present) to include your company in their profiles. This is a simple, essential, and free step.

By having your company in your employees’ profiles, you can drive more awareness of your business. Remember that viewing profiles are very common in LinkedIn and that there are even notifications about it. So, if a talent views one of your employees’ profiles and sees your company, they can check it out. This can also count as “testimonials” about your organization as an employer.


Join relevant LinkedIn groups

If you want to recruit talents belonging to a certain niche, then you have to join relevant groups. Of course, different groups have different rules. But if you’re allowed, you could post your job advertisement to that group and be confident that you’re reaching the right audience for your vacancies. Of course, you have to take into account the activity level of the group and how many members it has.


Tap passive candidates

Just looking for active candidates can limit the talents you can hire for the position. What about if you want to tap passive candidates—talents that aren’t looking for new job opportunities but are qualified for your job vacancy? This is where LinkedIn can be a big help. Since most people include their current and past work experiences in their profiles, you could search for people in certain positions to contact and ask them if they’re looking for opportunities.

There are also candidates that are looking for new jobs but are not yet ready to leave their present work. These people are usually already searching for their next step and make up 15% of the workforce at any given time. You might be missing out on great talent if you don’t tap them.


Post paid job ads

If you have a budget, you could post paid job ads to reach more talents. Just like Google Ads, this runs on a pay-per-click system. Meaning that you only pay whenever someone actually clicks on your ad. This feature of the social media site can be cost-effective if you know how to optimize your ad. You can control how much you spend by allowing you to choose your budget and only pay for the results.


Avail LinkedIn Talent Solutions

If you want to maximize it even more, you can avail of other talent solutions products that they offer. For example, you can avail of a premium subscription for LinkedIn Recruiter, which, according to the site itself, is “a platform for finding, connecting with, and managing candidates.” Having this allows you to have advanced search filters and spotlights, smart suggestions, and prioritize candidates.


You can invest in recruiting products or make the best of the free features, LinkedIn can be an essential recruitment platform for your organization. And with talents going digital you should, too. If you want to find them, LinkedIn is one of the places you should look at.