People Dynamics’ Outsourced Services

We ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Our goal is to provide services that will make you succeed. With our outsourced test-administration and -development services and web designing and development, you can rest assured that a capable team is behind you.


People Dynamics has a team of assessment professionals to develop new tests, validate them, and provide you with local norms. We use the most up-to-date methodologies to provide you with the best results possible. We will even put it online for you as well if requested.

Whatever your test-development needs are, People Dynamics assures you that we have the expertise and the commitment to provide you with valid and reliable assessments.


People Dynamics provide high-quality testing services nationwide. We have a team of consultants; assessment specialists, who are licensed psychometricians; statisticians; and experienced test administrators that will manage and facilitate the testing process.

Our test-administration services can be done at our testing center, on-site anywhere in the Philippines, or online. We also conduct a review of test results and provide recommendations.


Turn your concept and strategy to design and implementation with People Dynamics’ web design and development services!

We at People Dynamics believe that a truly individual and customized website is the key to a successful web presence.

Our web-development process includes the following steps:


Defining your needs and mapping your strategy.


Crafting visuals and
design mock-ups.


Developing according to your road map and timeline.


Testing to ensure seamless functionality and training for use.


Optimizing and releasing your website, app, portal, or other web platforms.

As web-development consultants, we understand the importance of an affordable and influential Internet presence. Your website makes a difference in how stakeholders view your company, from potential job applicants to strategic partners.

Whether you aim to generate sales online or simply build your brand, a well-designed website with key marketing tactics built in can jump-start your success. Let us help you finalize and implement your plans and guide your dreams to reality.

People Dynamics offers the following services: professional graphic designing, slideshow animation, gallery pop-up, mobile-responsive designs, search engine optimization (SEO), and customized back-end development.

Let us do the work for you