Recruiting applicants in this competitive market is a challenge. It involves a lot of steps and processes, each as important as the other. It’s also important to be organized with the applications that you receive, especially if you have a large talent pool. This is where an applicant tracking system comes in. An applicant tracking system is a software that allows you to make your recruitment process efficient and effective by allowing you to manage candidates’ information in a single central database.


Do you need an applicant tracking system?

So, the question is: do you need an applicant tracking system for your organization? We list down some benefits of having an ATS for your organization:


Increase the efficiency of your recruiting process

The traditional hiring method is composed of a number of steps that can take several days to complete. Some of these steps can be time-consuming and tedious, costing you more than you expect. Drawn-out recruiting processes can make you lose good candidates.

An ATS will help you lessen the time needed for your recruiting process. Through an applicant tracking system, you will have a single central database where you can access your talent pools, may it be past or present. Some applicant tracking systems can also automatically rank a candidate’s resume by comparing it to the job description.

Also, rather than using multiple tools in your recruitment process, isn’t it better to use just one? Having an ATS for your organization will allow you to manage your recruitment processes in just one place. Some ATS’ can also be integrated with your existing HR platforms.


Measure data

Data is probably HR’s most important asset. Applicant tracking systems provide a huge amount of data for your organization, which you can extract and export into reports. You can get actionable data such as the effectiveness of your job posting, where your applicants are coming from, trends, etc. with the right tracking system. Using these can help you strategize and modify your recruiting processes.


Aids in succession planning

The present is important but so is the future. There are many reasons why employees leave organizations. And once you have a job opening, you can’t leave it open for so long. Having an applicant tracking system for your organization will aid you in succession planning. Candidates can receive alerts from your companies whenever you have new openings, making it easier for you to get applicants for your vacancies.



Hiring is an important investment for your organization. By automating the time-consuming tasks involved in your recruitment process, you reduce the costs you may incur. In an article by Beamery, they also explain the true cost of hiring slowly.


Technology advancement has brought a lot of changes in the way things work. Applicant tracking systems can bring great benefits to your organization. Why not take advantage of it?

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