Only a few days left until the spookiest and scariest time of the year: Halloween! And while there are a lot of frightening things this season—ghosts, vampires, demons, and so much more—as HR people, we list down some of the most terrifying HR mistakes that’ll scare you this Halloween below!


The Most Terrifying HR Mistakes That’ll Scare You This Halloween

A Bad Hire

Vacant positions can be more costly than you think. There are a lot of ways to compute how much money you’re losing every day that a position remains vacant. Non-monetary costs also factor in this.

Before you get scared and rush to get the job opening in your organization filled up, you also need to know that a bad hire is as scary and can even be more costly. And bad hires are done more often when there is an urgent need for a certain position.

An article from Steve Girdler, Managing Director for EMEA and APAC at HireRight, published in Entrepreneur enumerated the following impacts of a bad hire in your organization: decreased productivity, cultural imbalance, damage in your reputation, and cost your organization money.

There are many things you can do to avoid having a bad hire in your organization including investing in employee assessments and having a careful pre-screening process.


Inefficient Pay Structure

Your organization’s pay structure is one of your most important and useful weapon in this scary and competitive world. After all, your offered compensation is one of the first considerations of a talent when applying for your company and also one of the top motivators for your employees.

An inefficient pay structure is one of the HR mistakes you wouldn’t want to make. This will affect your employees’ compensation, your competitiveness in the market, and will surely not be affordable for your organization.

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Ineffective Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new hires into your company. A carefully planned onboarding process can give a lot of benefits to your organization. On the other hand, the effects of a bad onboarding process are like dominoes—if one thing isn’t set up for success, everything comes crashing down.

An infographic by Onboardia perfectly illustrates the domino effect of a bad onboarding process. Onboarding is the first step to an employee’s journey. And it’s ineffectiveness can lead to poor performance, little commitment, and eventually, turnover.

Brooke Peterson of Skyfii, in a Forbes article, says, “A good onboarding plan will allow employees to ramp up quickly and be ready to contribute sooner. It will also make them more confident in their role as an employee of your company. The best onboarding practices provide an in-depth overview of the company, as well as job-specific training. Map it out beforehand and follow through consistently.”

Here are some good employee onboarding ideas to inspire your team!


Prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent making HR mistakes is to be aware of what they are, and how they can happen. And while it’s terrifying when you make them, you need to remember that you can correct your HR mistakes.