We’ve already discussed what is employee onboarding how employee onboarding is important for your organization. It’s more than just orientation, it’s a process—and a very crucial one at that. In fact, there are a lot of statistics out there that prove the importance of onboarding on retention, turnover, and even performance. Here are some employee onboarding ideas for you!


Employee Onboarding Ideas to Inspire Your Team

More than just orientation

As we previously discussed, onboarding is more than just orientation. It’s the process of integrating new hires into the organization, which can be achieved solely by orienting them.

Even before an employee’s first day, there are some things that you can already do:

  • Clarify dress code and office hours
  • Make sure that all necessary paperwork is prepared
  • Prepare the new hire’s working station
  • Provide a welcome gift

New hires usually feel very lost on their first days. By doing this, aside from making them feel welcome, you’ll also help them settle easier with their job. You can also take a look at Google’s onboarding approach for some ideas!


Inspire and Engage

You get the employee engagement you deserve. That’s why, as Forbes suggests, make onboarding as personal as possible. While you’ve already interviewed your new hire, you can use this opportunity to learn even more about them. You can them to share their past experiences and their expectations.

In the first week, here are some things you can do:

  • Tour the new hire in the office and let them know about the facilities
  • Assign a mentor to help with guidance
  • Introduce the new hire to the current employees
  • Finish the remaining paperwork

Also, before you give the new hire with the big, and complicated assignments, start with small, manageable tasks first. This will give your new hire a chance to ease into their role. Make sure that you give them, or their mentor, detailed instructions so that they don’t get overwhelmed.


Reward and recognize your employees’ achievements

Rewards and recognition are powerful tools for employee engagement. These things show your appreciation for the hard work that your employees do for you and the organization. Has your new hire been making excellent progress in his or her current tasks? Reward him or her! Rewards are not always money, and there are creative ways to say “thanks for the hard work” to your employees.


Employee onboarding is an essential process that, when done effectively, reaps great results. Especially with the shifting need for employee experience more than just engagement!