The ManpowerGroup 2018 Talent Shortage Survey reports that the global talent shortage has reached a 12-year high for this year. So, if you and your organization are struggling to fill up positions, you’re not the only one. While it may be difficult to get qualified applicants for the job, you don’t have to settle for less. Read on for some solutions to combat the talent shortage in this economy.


3 Solutions to Talent Shortage

Tap non-traditional candidates

Non-traditional candidates, as defined in a blog post by ModelExpand, are talents that didn’t get their technical training in a traditional way. For example, a candidate applying for an HR position didn’t graduate with a degree in Human Resource Management. Instead, that candidate gained knowledge and experience through alternative programs such as boot camps, online courses, etc.

With technology making almost everything accessible, more and more talents are gaining their technical skills these way. If you’re experiencing a talent shortage, considering non-traditional candidates can double your talent pool. One advantage of looking at non-traditional candidates is that these talents have real-life experiences that may be useful for your organization.

Glassdoor suggests the following steps in finding these non-traditional talents:

  1. Don’t overinflate job descriptions.
  2. Interview based on skills and potential, not just résumé.
  3. Form mutually beneficial partnerships.
  4. Keep the learning going.


Reskill your employees

Employee development is a good investment for various reasons. While your employees benefit from developing themselves, you may also benefit from it. If you can’t find what you need outside, then find it inside. Reskilling your employees may solve your talent shortage problem. Hiring internally has a lot of advantages such as increasing retention, improving employee morale and productivity, and shortening the adjustment period. It’s also more efficient to review one or two employee reviews than sorting through a stack of resumes.


Consider hiring freelancers in this “gig economy

Technology, along with the “gig economy”, has been changing not only the way people interact with each other but also with how companies find talent. More and more talents are now going freelance, enticed by the flexibility and other benefits these opportunities offer. lists some advantages of hiring freelancers including saving money and space, give you flexibility, get the job done faster and better, and reduce risks.


Having a lack of talent is not an excuse to settle for less. Despite the reported talent shortage, you can still find ways to get quality employees with the ways listed above. You may also use employment assessments to make sure that you get the right one!