Pre-employment tests, or employee assessments, have been popular in recent years as a beneficial hiring tool. Even various studies came out answering the question: “Why use assessments?” But while assessments are powerful tools, sometimes, it’s still hard to determine whether using it will really be beneficial for you and your organization. Here are some signs that you should invest in employee assessments for your organization.


5 Signs You Should Invest in Employee Assessments

You have a large talent pool

If one job gets you hundreds of applicants, it may be wise to invest in employee assessments. While it’s good that you get to have a lot of options to choose from for that job, it’s also a pain to filter the applications. TheLadders’ study shows that job seekers only spend an average of 76 seconds looking at a job posting they deem a good fit for them. While your talent will surely have great applicants, there will also be those you consider not. And it’s a lot of work screening them.

Employee assessments can help you in narrowing down your choices. It also screens applicants objectively and systematically, preventing you from missing out on talents that’ll be a good match for the job.


You have a small talent pool

If you have a small talent pool, it’ll be tempting to just hire someone you feel is qualified for the job, especially if the position needs to be filled quickly. The problem with this is that, if the talent turns out to be not a good fit, sooner or later, he or she will leave the organization. Which gets you back to square one. Remember that employee turnover can cost up to 150% of a person’s salary. It’s better to carefully select the talents that you’re bringing in your organization. Using pre-employment assessments can improve the quality of hire up to 64%!


You have a high turnover rate

Have you ever wondered why you have to hire so often? There are various reasons why employees leave organizations. But, a high turnover rate can also indicate an issue with your hiring process. Employee assessments can help you hire the right person for the job. This process is also called job matching. In Harvard Business Review’s article “Job Sculpting: The Art of Retaining Your Best People” by Timothy Butler and James Waldroop, they found out that employee turnover can be decreased dramatically by matching a person’s deeply embedded life interests to his or her job. Employee assessments can also give valuable insights that could lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction.


You’re having difficulty in your hiring process

Your hiring process doesn’t have to be difficult. Using employee assessments can help decrease the time and energy you have to spend on screening candidates. Some assessments are online and automatic, lessening your burden with administrating it. You can set up your hiring process so that when an applicant applies online, which automatically triggers your system to send him or her an assessment, and then evaluates that candidate’s performance. This way, you only need to meet the candidate after the initial screening process.


You’re losing money because of your talent

If you’re losing money, it’s never a good sign. There are various reasons why you can lose money because of your talent—low performance, absenteeism, conflict, turnover, or worse, theft! Numerous assessments can provide solutions to various problems so that you won’t lose your money.


A wise man once said, “Never ignore the signs—they’re always there, good or bad.” If you have ever experienced at least one of the signs listed above, then you’ll surely benefit when you invest in employee assessments.

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