Finding the perfect candidate for your company’s job opening is hard. And once you’ve found that candidate after a lot of screening, you wouldn’t want to regret your decision. So before you give that job offer, here are some pre-employment screening tips for you!


Tips for Pre-Employment Screening

Go Online

Rarely do people have no presence online. Do a quick search of your candidate’s name, and you will most likely find some of his or her online footprints.

Despite social media and other online sites being a public area, some people have no regard on what they post. You can see the following characteristics that may turn you off:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information
  • Information about the candidate drinking or using drugs
  • Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc.
  • The candidate bad-mouthing a previous company or fellow employee
  • Poor communication skills

Or, you could see the following characteristics that will solidify your decision to consider a candidate as an employee like:

  • Candidate’s background information supporting his or her job qualifications
  • A professional image, even online
  • Candidate’s personality that comes across as a good fit with company culture
  • The candidate being well-rounded, showing a wide range of interests
  • Candidate communication skills


Check References

There’s a section in the resume where the candidate puts his or her references. Make use of them! They were put there to be a testament to their qualifications.

You could check this post for some questions you could ask the candidate’s references. It may consume your time, but that’s better than a bad hire and waste not only your time but also money!


Check Their Commitment Level

Knowing a candidate’s commitment level can tell you how long they plan to stay in your company. In several years, do they see a future in your company or is it just a stepping stone for their dreams? If ever they were offered by another company with a higher salary or greater benefits, would they withdraw from your offer or not? Do they have any hesitations about the job? And you could also ask them the big question, “Why should I hire you?” This question can reveal the candidate’s ability to think ahead—how can they help right now, and in the future? Does he or she see him or herself as a valuable asset to the position and your company as a whole?


Check Reactions

Actions speak louder than words. If possible, talk to the candidates regarding the points of the employment offer and check their reactions. Their reactions will help you determine whether some points about the job are not favorable for the candidate, and you can prompt them for discussion. Iron out any problems with their duties and responsibilities, as well as the terms of employment. That way, you, and the candidate can be sure of each other’s position.


Pre-employment screening is not foolproof, but it can definitely help you determine whether you’re making the right decision when it comes to your hire. Along with the pre-employment screening, you could help improve the quality of your hire by 64% using assessments. And after you’ve done a great job with your hiring, what’s next is to make sure your hire stays! Read more about the great strategies for employee retention now!