Your employees grow your company, carry your name, and decide your future. That’s why when looking for a talent to be a part of your organization, finding the right one is crucial. This is where employee screening comes in, and there are various ways you can do it. One of those is to leverage skills tests.


Why Should You Leverage Skills Tests?

Skills tests are a type of assessment that helps test the proficiency of a person—whether a current or future employee—in a certain subject that they need for their work. In simple words, they help you evaluate the skills of your job candidates and employees. Check out some of the benefits of leveraging skills tests for your hiring below!


If you leverage skills tests, you can objectively evaluate candidates

There are different ways you can assess a talent’s skills. Aside from skills tests, you can examine their resumes, ask them during interviews, do reference checks, or have job simulations. One advantage of skills tests is that it allows you to objectively evaluate applicants and is less time-consuming.

Usually, applicants desire to show only the best versions of themselves. And this desire leads them to lie on their resumes and during interviews. In fact, according to HireRight’s 2017 employee screening benchmark report, 85% of their respondents have uncovered lies and misrepresentations on their applicants’ resumes and applications. Bias can also hinder you from fully assessing the skills of a candidate. Unlike other methods, skills tests are standardized, formal, and scientific. High-quality skills tests will verify that candidates and employees can do the job. And, they can also help you identify training gaps.


You can widen your pool of candidates

According to Manpower Group’s survey, 54% of companies report talent shortages in 2019, making it almost double than what was reported a decade ago. Because of this, recruitment is even more challenging. There are some things you can do to combat talent shortage, but did you know that it helps when you leverage skills tests?

Leveraging skills tests can help you widen your pool of candidates. Most resumes don’t convey the full breadth of a talent’s skills. Since, according to surveys, 41% of job seekers say that their education doesn’t directly relate to the field they’re working or searching in. Skills tests allow you to evaluate candidates based on your needed skills for the position. Because of this, you allow other people who, for example, doesn’t have a degree related to your job opening, be able to work for your organization because of their skills. Are you going to miss out on a highly qualified talent just because they’re education doesn’t fit your criteria?


Speed up your screening process

With the number of applications you receive, it can be time-consuming to screen them. Especially, if your plan is to interview each candidate. Speed up your screening process by administering skills tests to multiple candidates at once. It’s even better if the tests you use are online—this will save you from the disadvantages of using the pen-and-paper method. And since skills tests are standardized and scientific, you can get the results faster.


Now, you know the reasons why you should leverage skills tests. It’s time that you start using them in your hiring process!


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