3 Ways to Confront Change at Work

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A lot of articles have been constantly talking about how fast changes happen and how it's inevitable, especially with the state and situation of the world today. As they say, the only constant in life is change. The workforce landscape is constantly transforming. What can you do to be able to confront change in the workplace? [...]

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Questions to Consider in Shaping a Change Program

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The only constant in life is change—it is inevitable. No one is invincible to change, and as much as the organization you belong to functions well with the existing policies and procedures, it will not be forever. Change doesn't necessarily mean that everything will be turned upside down--it can be just the small things! This is [...]

Who Manages Change?

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Challenges in a business can often be divided into two major categories: Systems challenges, and People challenges. Similarly, the same two concepts may be used to divide organizational change into two broad types. If ultimately, most systems challenges (or changes) can be traced to people challenges (changes), an interesting question must be considered: What part of [...]