Life is littered with roadblocks and changes that make you feel uncertain about some things. It’s always hard to deal with uncertainty because a person’s ability to deal with it is influenced by many factors—upbringing, experiences, culture, beliefs, etc. Putting external factors aside, a person’s ability to deal with uncertainty is mostly based on their thoughts, on what they make of the circumstances they’re currently facing. Having a positive outlook during times of uncertainty can help in dealing with the situation.


Why is a positive outlook is essential in times of uncertainty?

When change happens, it’s hard to not feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt. While change is neither good nor bad, the prospect of having to leave what you’re used to and is considered “safe” for you can be scary. Especially if the change will affect not only you but the things you consider important as well.

Try to view the situation with a positive outlook in mind. Instead of thinking of the negative consequences, look for the positive ones. The change that’ll happen may bring you more opportunities, growth, and once you’ve overcome it, it’ll raise your confidence.

Looking at the circumstance at a better light doesn’t only affect your feelings about it–it also impacts the outcome. You’ll find yourself being less scared of the future and will be able to prepare more about what’s to come. You’ll also have a clearer mind to look for solutions and solve issues.


How to manage uncertainty

A positive outlook will surely help you during uncertain times. And you can also do the following things:


Focus on the things that you can control and ignore those that you can’t

Stop worrying about the things that you can’t do anything about. If you can influence them, try. But if you can’t, better pour your attention on the things that you can control. No use crying over spilled milk, right?


Learn to let go

You can’t solve everything. Learn to let of the issues that you really can’t do anything about. The uncertainty those circumstances bring only harm you. It may be painful at first, but you’ll learn to move on.


Take care of yourself

Neglecting your physical and mental health will not help you during uncertain times. You need a clear and healthy mind and body to be able to overcome the challenges uncertain times bring. Getting sick will just add to the things you need to think about.


It’s up to you how you’ll respond when uncertainty comes. A positive outlook will help you in facing the challenges these times may bring.