The HR digital transformation has been going on for some time now. But the strict need for less mobilization due to the pandemic has immensely accelerated it. It’s no longer an initiative that organizations have to take, but a necessity if they want to survive and thrive amidst challenges. And, as an employer, it’s important that you also have the right qualities to showcase your organization’s full potential to attract talents in the digital landscape. So, here are 4 digital employer brand qualities that you should cultivate!


4 Digital Employer Brand Qualities You Should Cultivate

Digitization of hiring processes

The advancement of technology has made life so convenient. That’s why even talents search for that convenience when they’re looking for an organization they want to work for.

That’s why one of the digital employer brand qualities that you should cultivate is to have digitized hiring processes. Make it easy for talents to find you and contact you. One thing you can do is to utilize job search portals such as Monster, JobStreet, and Kalibrr. You could also dedicate a webpage on your site to your current openings and include the instructions on how they could apply for them. Social media can also help take your digital recruitment to the next level, with their specific features designed to help you.

Interviews can also be digitized shifting to video interviews. Pre-screening can be more efficient when you use online assessments, and you can even digitize applicant tracking with an applicant tracking system.


Swift responses

Talents are just like your customers. They like it when you respond to their questions and give them updates. That’s why it’s critical that responding swiftly is part of your employer brand.

When you respond to candidates, you make them feel valued. This courtesy helps in making them engaged, which in turn boosts your employer brand in their eyes. As much as possible, you should respond to applicants whether they fit your organization or not.

Of course, you can’t respond to them 24/7. Especially when they have questions. This is where technology can help you so that you can inform a talent that you’ve received their application or message and that you’ll respond to them as soon as you can. For example, you can set up automated emails whenever you receive an application. For questions, you can set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and send them along with your automated response so that candidates can browse it in case their query is among them. Chatbots can also help a lot in giving them replies at least until you can attend to them.


Concrete digital presence

For you to be considered a digital employer, you need to have a digital presence. The talents of today are different from before. They don’t just look for a job that can provide them enough wages, but also for an organization that will provide them with the best experience. And one of the ways candidates evaluates a company is by looking for them online.

So, first, candidates should be able to find you. And when they do find you, they should be able to learn what they need to know as a potential employee. You can show this by having a dedicated career page and posting your employee activities online. Having a consistent voice across your channels also matters in creating a concrete digital presence.


Continuous evaluation and realignment of your employer brand

The workforce landscape continues to change. You’ll find that as time goes by, the value of what you offer as an employer will fluctuate. Some benefits that are relevant today may not be attractive to the employees of tomorrow. That being the case, one of the digital employer brand qualities you should cultivate is constant evaluation and realignment.

Ask yourself how well did you do, which areas didn’t, and which areas you can improve. You can also ask your applicants what they think about your company and your hiring process.


As the world goes more and more digital, you, as the employer, should adapt. Expectations change and so, you should cultivate qualities apt for the current needs of the workforce. We hope that the 4 qualities listed above can help transform from an employer to a digital employer!