The candidates of today are different from their predecessors. They don’t just look for jobs that give the best salary and benefits. They look beyond that: they look for the company that can give them excellent employee experience. And this starts from when your employees are still candidates.

It’s no secret that recruiting in a competitive market is a challenge. It’s a war for talent. That’s why you need to set yourself aside from your competitors. And one thing you can do is to engage your candidates and be a superstar recruiter.


How to Engage Your Candidates Like a Superstar Recruiter

Create smashing job descriptions

While some people will argue, first impressions do last. It can change, but first impressions will remain on the person for a long time. On occasions, it can even be table topics. And your job descriptions are usually one of the things that give first impressions to a candidate about your company.

That’s why your job descriptions should be smashing. Listing what a candidate will do for the job is given, but you should also include what sets you apart from other companies. Highlight what makes you unique. For example, you could point out your workplace culture or the activities you do to engage your employees.


Help them envision themselves as part of your company

Another way to engage your candidates is to help them envision themselves as part of your company. Paint a vivid picture in the candidate’s mind about how working for your organization will be.

Remember that your candidates are not just people who will potentially work for you, but they will also be integral units of your company. You entrust to them your organization’s future. When they see themselves working for you, they can feel more that they belong. This belongingness will not only attract and engage them but also help them in their workplace relationships.


Make your application process easy but effective

Don’t lose out on candidates by making them go through a long and tedious application process. Of course, you want to evaluate applications carefully so that you could find the perfect fit for the job. Making them fill out forms that contain the necessary information and other qualifications are important.

However, in a digital and fast-paced world, attention spans are limited. And with how easily accessible most of the things are today, having a lengthy application process can make you lose candidates. You never know, the “perfect fit” you’re looking for might be among them.

So, what can you do? Make your application easy but effective. Don’t make applicants fill out a form containing their education, experience, and other information that can be found in their resume when you also want them to attach it. Don’t also make them go through multiple sites just to apply for your job opening.

Modernize your process. Digital forms are good to go, and they can even be auto-filled. You can also make use of an applicant tracking system to make your recruitment process more efficient.


Keep them updated

According to Glassdoor, one of the aspects job seekers find most important to a positive experience is having clear and regular communication with 58%.

So, to engage your candidates, you need to keep them updated. Talents greatly appreciate when you respond to them. Whether it’s to inform them that you’ve received their application, you’re processing it, setting appointments, or even to tell them that they’re rejected. Feedback is critical.

You can even make use of chatbots to do the common updates that you provide, which will also help you take your digital recruitment to the next level.


Anyone can become a superstar recruiter. But, it requires qualities that set them apart from others. One of them is engaging candidates. Don’t lose top talents by falling out with them. Engage them while they’re still candidates, and then continue engaging them when they become your employees.