Research for the past years has placed great importance on employee engagement. These studies found out that engaged workers play a huge role in achieving business goals. But more than engagement, the buzz has shifted on employee experience (EX) which encompasses everything a person experiences in your organization. So, here’s how you can set up an exceptional employee experience for them!


How to Set Up an Exceptional Employee Experience

Have a well-prepared onboarding plan

As a saying goes, “First impressions last”. This is where onboarding comes in. Prepare well on how you will onboard your hires. And then, make sure that you execute your plan successfully. Here are some employee onboarding ideas to inspire your team.


Have consistent communication

Communication is vital to an organization’s operation. When communication is effective, the workplace is more productive, operates more smoothly, and has a positive effect on the engagement and turnover rates. That’s why it’s important to communicate consistently with your employees. Ask them how they’re doing, what are they busy with—catch up with them! Talking with them directly will help you learn more about how they’re doing in your organization.


Provide them a productive environment to work

Furnish your workers with an environment that will allow them to be productive. Some things you could do is to provide flexible working hours, opportunities to work from home, give them efficient workspaces, and of course, have a good organizational culture.


Make every moment count

Unlike employee engagement which mostly focuses on activities, EX is more holistic. It’s everything that an employee experiences in your company, whether good or bad. The key to this is to make every moment count for them. Your EX should make the people in your company feel connected to your business goal and to the bigger picture.


Let them grow

Training and development are some of the best factors to motivate and retain talent. To set up an exceptional employee experience, it’s important to provide them opportunities to grow. This may be through learning and development programs, coaching and mentoring, or career progression.


Support their health and wellbeing

Of course, your team members have lives outside of work. That’s why your organization should also support their health and wellbeing. Some things to consider:

  • Does your organization have a safety program?
  • Does your organization support your employees’ physical and mental health?
  • Do you have ways to help your employees’ financial wellbeing such as insurance?
  • Do you help your people have a work-life balance?


Employee experience is not just perks and committees, the employee life cycle, or the things that you could offer your talents so that they will stay and be happy in your organization—it’s more than that. It’s everything that an employee encounters in your organization. That’s why it’s crucial to make it exceptional.