There are three important components to consider in talent selection: knowledge, skills, and competencies. Competencies are getting more and more important in assessing talent, may it be for hiring or promotion. This is where certifications come in.  Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement. What is the importance of getting certified?


The Importance of Getting Certified

It’s a recognition of excellence

Before you actually get certified, you usually have to take an assessment to fully test whether you really learned the knowledge needed for the program. Because of that, before you get you’re “I’m a certified _______” badge, you need to prove your excellence in the topic!

One of the importance of getting certified is that it’s a recognition of your excellence in that certain competency. You can have an edge over your competition, especially when the certification comes from trusted and accredited organizations.


It helps you get hired

The importance of getting certified in your field of specialization is that it helps you in getting hired. If you’re applying for a job and you have a certification for a certain competency that the company is looking for, it will surely help you! Employers value knowledge, experience, and certifications in your specialization.


It helps you get more benefits

Certifications under your name prove your commitment to your profession and initiative for growth. Also, you’re investing in your future. Some employers, when they see that you’re interested in your own growth, are willing to invest in their development. Some employers even reward you when you are certified with a salary increase or a bonus. And, it can also help promote you.


It keeps you updated

The demands in your field of specialization are changing. With the competition getting fiercer and fiercer, you have to do your best to stay updated and current. You need to keep learning and keep improving yourself. This way, you’ll be an even greater asset to the organization you belong to.


Getting certified surely is one of the most popular ways of boosting your career. Various certification programs are now available. Some are even free! It surely doesn’t hurt to try, right? Get certified now!

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