This guest post is written by Mr. Ryan Simbulan, a student from the Technological Institute of the Philippines.

A job description serves as a standard of what a position should achieve in the job listing of an organization. You need this to acquire the right person needed to fulfill your job opening. Today, companies search for not just workers, but something more. Some prefer those who are team-oriented, innovative, and motivated. While some prefer those who are independent and can work with minimum supervision.

Competency-based job descriptions enlist such characteristics rather than the responsibilities. It focuses on the technical and behavioral skills of an applicant, shifting its focus on the worker rather than the work.

Listed below are the things you should consider adding to create a competency-based job description.


3 Things to Add When Creating a Competency-Based Job Description


Skill refers to any particular expertise or ability. It is categorized into two: hard skill and soft skill. The technical skills (skills acquired through formal education, seminars, lectures, and internships) are referred to as hard skill and the behavioral skills are soft skills. Hard skill is essential to any applicant—this contributes to the majority of the reasons why they are hired. This will serve as the employer’s blueprint and will help the management balance the workload depending on the applicant’s skill and will help them in distributing the volume, variety, and intensity of the job. Indicating the abilities and capacities you want in an employee can help avoid occupational inequality.



Your desired applicant’s educational achievement is reflected in this part. This proves how well they can apply theories, factual information, and concepts needed to demonstrate the technical abilities the job requires. It also dictates how well the skill can be practiced.



You’re maybe wondering, is it something as important as a hard skill? In fact, it is! This is because the present market demands more of it. List down in your job description the interpersonal abilities, attributes, and personality of an employee that you and your organization need.


A competency-based job description can be your greatest tool in filling your company with a passionate team. Craft yours now!