There’s not even a single moment when technology is not changing. What’s in right now can be out in just a month or so. Technology gets more and more advanced and is surpassing quickly human intelligence in various fields and activities. Artificial intelligence is also getting more and more complex. In fact, a lot of jobs that we imagined could be done only by people are now under the threat of being replaced by AI. So, what could we do? The answer: Emotional Intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

It’s long been known that AI and automation/robotics will change markets and workforces. This began when machines started replacing humans in the manufacturing industry that made thousands of workers look for other opportunities. A recent example of AI is Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a new kind of store that doesn’t employ cashiers and doesn’t require checkouts. You go to the store, pick up the item/s that you want, and walk out. Amazon will automatically charge your account for your purchase. Chatbots are also in right now, answering promptly customers’ inquiries.

But, according to the World Economic Forum, the only remaining competency that AI and machines can’t copy is Emotional Intelligence. The thing is, while robots, machines, and other products of technology can do better than humans in a lot of jobs, at the end of the day, they serve humans, too. And humans, consciously or unconsciously, seek for that human touch.

AI can diagnose a patient and recommend a treatment faster than a human doctor can. But, it takes a person to actually understand what the patient is going through, his situation, and decide ultimately what treatment should a patient take based on all the factors that need to be considered.

Machines can also provide solutions for business problems faster than any person can. But the leadership needed to push for the solution will come from a person, not from a machine.


As the digital world continuously improves, these human capabilities will become more prized in the future. Rather than fight the progress, it’s better to embrace it and transform it to your advantage. Examine your own capabilities and invest in developing your Emotional Intelligence. Your outstanding human abilities will help you stay relevant in your industry.