Ken Robinson said, “Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” The things that we experience now are the results of someone’s creativity. Unfortunately, creativity is not constant. It’s like a muscle that must be continuously exercised to make it stronger. At the same time, the lack of use will make it rusty. Here are some ways to increase creativity!


5 Ways to Increase Creativity

Find inspiration from somewhere or someone else

Inspiration is everywhere. Even from somewhere where you least expect it. When you’re looking for ideas, you may source it from other people. You’ll be surprised by the insights that they can give about your current work and the suggestions that they can provide you on how you can make your work even better.

At the same time, look for innovation from other industries and niches. Research the businesses that are dominating different markets and why are they dominating it. What worked for them? Can their techniques be used in your business? You could also ask yourself, what businesses are you most loyal to? Why are you loyal to them?


Do something you love

You can’t expect your creativity to be high if you don’t feel any affection for what you’re doing. Love and creativity are intertwined. Doing something you love will relax you and diminish your stress, at the same time, increase your creativity.


Do nothing

If doing something you love doesn’t work, do nothing at all. Let your mind rest. Sometimes, your best ideas come when you least expect it. Have you ever had that moment when you were just doing something so trivial (like when you’re taking a shower, driving, or just staring out the window), but your mind is bouncing ideas left and right?

That’s it. Relax and let your mind do the magic.



Stanford research has indicated that walking improves creative thinking. HBR found that people who take part in walking meetings are more creative and engaged in a follow-up study.


Set the mood

Work in an atmosphere where you’re most comfortable. Some people like to work in complete silence, while some people prefer to work somewhere with enough background noise. And, some feel more productive during sunny weather while some prefer gloomy ones. What kind of mood are you most comfortable in? You may use music, lighting, the way you sit, etc. It depends on you.


There will be times where your creative juices are constantly flowing. And, there will also be times where they will be stuck. The key is to boost it again.