Economic and Political Briefings (2018 and Beyond)

Someone said, “You cannot divorce economics and politics.” That’s why, as part of IMPHIL‘s 32nd-anniversary program, the annual economic and political briefing provided a summary of key political, economic, and social developments in 2017 and expected trends in 2018 and beyond. Present findings from the recent World Bank studies on the Philippines were also presented in the context of the country’s long-term development trends and assessing their implications for its medium-term economic outlook. The briefing served the needs of the audience, which composed of management consultants, business leaders, and other professionals engaged in the social and economic development of the Philippines.

As a representative of Mr. Peter Wallace, the founder of Wallace Business Forum, Mr. Benvenito Icamina gave his presentation. He gave an overview of what happened in 2017, and what views Mr. Wallace have on the political situation of the Philippines.

The next speaker, Ms. Birgit Hansl, World Bank’s Lead Economist and Program Leader for Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions for the Philippines in the East Asia and the Pacific Region. She raised some valuable points such as the slowing down of the manufacturing industry, rising concerns relating to a weaker peso and higher inflation, and slower GDP growth.

After the very informative talks, the celebration comes! With a Christmas dinner, the 32nd anniversary of the continuously growing organization, the induction of new members, and giving away of various prizes and gifts, it was surely a wondrous occasion.

We at People Dynamics Inc. hope for more years and members to come for IMPHIL!

Economic and Political Briefings 2018 and Beyond

Economic and Political Briefings 2018 and Beyond