Creativity, one of the most needed skills of the future, is the act of creating something new, whether it be a new idea, concept, or method. It’s related to “imagination”. However, implementing new ideas will make use of another process: innovation. Innovation is using creativity to enhance the performance of a process, person, team, or organization. Because of this, and the constant changes causing organizations to transform, innovation at work is becoming increasingly important.


Why Should You Make Innovation At Work Happen

The world has been reaping benefits from innovation, changing the way they do business, and the products that they introduce to the market. And who said you only need to innovate for your products and services? You could also use innovation to improve your organization’s processes and efficiency.

In Deloitte’s 2015 Innovation Survey, one of the key findings is that 96% of the respondents consider innovation as part of their top 5 strategic priorities. Why? Here are some benefits of why you should make innovation happen at work:

  • It makes it easier for your business to grow.
  • Innovation gives you a competitive advantage against your competitors.
  • It allows you to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs (and wants).
  • It helps you attract and retain talents.


Ways to Make Innovation At Work Happen

Learning the benefits that innovation can bring to your organization, you may have already been convinced about making it happen or is considering it. Before you start anything, you have to know one thing: making innovation happen takes time. This is because while some of your employees have naturally innovative mindsets, some need theirs to be developed. And even if the mindset is there, generating ideas, elaborating them, and testing them will also need time.

Still, while it’s hard, there are some ways you can use to make it more efficient.


Create the right environment to foster innovation

Ideas are generated with the support of the right environment. And the healthier the environment, the better the results. Organizations usually work around standardized routines, while innovation needs thinking out of the ordinary. To make innovation happen at work, the environment must encourage and allow unconventional thinking.


Understand yourself and your people

Some people have innate innovative mindsets, some need theirs to develop, and some people are more suitable in the implementation rather than the creation. While it’s ideal to have everyone innovate, having uncooperative members participate will only set you back from what you want to achieve. At the same time, knowing yourself and your people will allow you to adapt easier to an innovative mindset.


Support the generation of ideas

Provide what your organization needs to innovate may it be time, tools, culture, environment, etc. After all, how can you expect your people to be innovative when you won’t allow them?


Have commitment and be patient

As said before, innovation takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight—it needs to be nurtured. Once you decide to make innovation happen at your organization, have the commitment to see it to the end, and be patient.


Just like with other changes you want to implement, making innovation happen at work is an arduous journey, with the need for focus, commitment, patience, and continuous review and improvement. But once you’re already there, you’ll realize that the investment is worth it.