The holiday seasons are almost here! And while everyone is happy that the holidays are coming, more often than not, more work needs to be done before the year ends. At the same time, health and financial issues arise, too. Here are some holiday tips for HR to have a less-stressed holiday season for both you and your employees!


HR tips for a successful holiday season

Remind employees about holiday leave policies and procedures

Your employees have lives outside of work too, and they would surely like to spend the holidays with their loved ones. This results in employees filing leaves during the busiest time of the year. Before they do so, you must remind your employees about your organizations leave policies and procedures so that there won’t be a decline in the quality of the service that you provide to your clients.


Celebrate the holidays

Make holidays fun for your employees! All work and no fun is not good for your company culture. You could organize holiday parties with your employees where you could have fun. It would be better if their families are also welcome. During work hours or after hours will be up to you. You can also give them a small gift of gratitude for their work.


Be neutral

In a culturally diverse country such as the Philippines, it’s common for people to have different beliefs. Just like how religion varies per person, people have different outlooks on holidays. And not all people celebrate the same occasions. Learn to keep it neutral. Also, take extra care of the decorations you want to set up. (A good extra step would be to keep events sponsored or planned by the organization neutral, too. This way, you won’t make any “accidental” offense.)


Keep employees engaged

Employee engagement is the key to employee performance. Usually, during this season, employees are more concerned about the presents they’re going to give or what they should prepare. You should keep them engaged so that even with the distraction, they will be able to perform their work.

You could offer rewards or incentives for them during this season to help them stay focused. Or, you could think of other ways that will keep them engaged. Just remember that it should be a win-win situation for both parties.


Holidays should be fun, but it also means that there is more work to be done and less time to do it. If you’re feeling stressed, then your employees are, too. We hope that these tips will be able to help you to make your holiday season a success!