The Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the major contributors to the economy. Combined with the love of Filipinos with pageants, the first Mr. and Ms. BPO search was launched. And with the coronation night getting closer and closer, it’s best to prepare them!

Last November 4, 2017, in line with the pageant’s holistic approach to developing the contestants, Ms. Ruby Mañalac, Director for Marketing and Distributor Networks of Profiles Asia Pacific and People Dynamics, Certified GENOS Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and GENOS Ignite TTT Program, shared her expertise to the 40 finalists of the pageant in a two-hour mentoring session.

Mr. & Ms. BPO Mentoring Session 1

Following Mr. Jonathan Yabut’s lesson about GRIT, Ms. Ruby gave lessons about Emotional Intelligence and how the candidates can use it not just for the pageant, but also for other things, may it be with work or their personal relationships.

The candidates of Mr. and Ms. BPO truly learned a lot about emotional intelligence. Starting with a small exercise, the finalists learned to be aware of their emotions and how to manage them. They also learned to establish an executive presence which will be very useful when they stand in front of the audience during the coronation night. Another highlight of the mentoring session is their workshop about active listening. This skill will help them during the Question and Answer portion.

Mr. & Ms. BPO Mentoring Session 2

Mr. & Ms. BPO Mentoring Session 3

It was truly a productive day. After Ms. Ruby, Ms. Jennifer Hammond taught the female candidates about the basic pageant walk on the runway. Our Facebook page has all pictures taken of Ms. Ruby’s mentoring session. For more details and updates about the pageant, you may visit Mr. and Ms. BPO’s website or their Facebook page.