The start of classes is just around the corner. In fact, some schools may have already started. However, this start also brings batches of previous students who just finished school and are now moving on to the next stages of their life: working. These people could also be a part of your organization. The question is: how can you attract high-performing graduates to you?


Strategies to Attract High-Performing Graduates

Build a strong employer brand

Fresh graduates are typically attracted to big and reputable organizations. The better your employer brand is, the more likely these talents will seek out your organization and apply it to your open positions. Depending on how reputable your organization is, you may even receive unsolicited applications from time to time!


Advertise what makes your organization unique

Obviously, you’re not the only one who wants to attract high-performing graduates. At the same time, you’re not the only one offering a generous salary, benefits, and perks to attract talent. It’s better to differentiate your organization by advertising what makes your organization unique. For example, some companies like to put in their job postings that they have signing bonuses or free trips abroad. Searching for your competitors’ job posts can also give you an idea of how you could set yourself apart from them. Bonus points if you could describe what an employee’s experience will be like if they work for you.


Use social media

One of the most important rules in finding your target audience is to be where they are. This means using social media. With how mainstream social media sites are, it’s almost impossible that high-performing graduates won’t be in them.

You can utilize social media through the following:

  • promoting your culture through your posts so that you can organically attract talents;
  • posting your job openings;
  • providing excellent service for candidates by being responsive; and,
  • participating in the right conversations.


Think of what you can do for the long-term

While these talents are young, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have plans for the future. Your work doesn’t stop at attracting high-performing graduates. You also have to make sure that you retain them. One way to make sure that they stay—and can also attract them—in your company is by providing them support with their long-term goals.

Carefully plan how you can support your employees’ and soon-to-be employees’ long term goals. Some things you can do include providing growth and learning opportunities and career progression.


Recruiting fresh graduates is just like selling a product. The product is your organization, and your market is the talents you want to have in your organization. Using the strategies above can help you sell your organization’s value even better to these potential employees.