As an HR professional, it’s essential to continuously expand and grow your knowledge and skills about Human Resources and the industry. But, with a minimum of 8 hours spent for work in the day, and the rest spread between your social life and rest, it’s hard to make time for your learning. The good news is that you can now access these learning materials as you browse through your Facebook timeline! We list down below 4 Facebook pages to follow for Filipino HR professionals.


4 Facebook Pages to Follow for Filipino HR Professionals


Facebook Likes: 5,000+

Why should you follow: TLNT shares from an online publication that has wonderful and timely content. They share a lot of HR insights and other news that will interest HR and talent management professionals. Their content comes from experts in various areas–HR, talent management, learning and development, HR software and technology, and more.

Facebook Likes: 27,000+

Why should you follow: provides access to a large amount of knowledge about the best practices and trends in HR. They also share industry news and even deliver webinars and podcasts on a variety of topics.



Facebook Likes: 27,000+

Why should you follow: This page intends to answer the common HR-related questions of Filipinos. At the same time, they also post about the latest news and keeps you updated so that you could always “be in the know”.

And lastly:


People Dynamics, Inc.

Facebook Likes: 900+

Why should you follow: We’re being brazen here, but People Dynamics, Inc.’s company page on Facebook shares a lot of quality content not just about HR. They also share content on talent management, organizational development, learning and development, emotional intelligence, and more! Aside from the content from Profiles Asia Pacific‘s and People Dynamics’ blog, this page also shares relevant articles from other sources, making it a good source for various topics. The page also regularly shares infographics for your HR, L&D, and OD resources.


Learning doesn’t have to be taxing for you and your time. With technology on your side, you can learn even as you’re traveling! You just have to know where best to get the content you absolutely need.