The need for employment assessments has been steadily increasing in the Philippines. In fact, various organizations are now offering these assessments to the market. These options make it both easier and harder to really find the right workforce assessment to use for your organization’s needs. But while there are a lot of options, there are also various concerns with the growing need for assessments. We list down below the 4 things that we all hate about workforce assessments in the Philippines.


4 Things We All Hate About Workforce Assessments in the Philippines

Lack of Locally-Normed Workforce Assessments in the Philippines

It has been observed that most Filipinos use foreign-made assessments for their needs. According to a research by Mr. Allan Bernardo entitled “Lost in Translation? Challenges in Using Psychological Tests in the Philippines?” (2011), one specific issue regarding the use of foreign-made psychological tests in the Philippines relates to the cross-cultural and cross-linguistic validity of these tests. The norm used for these tests may not be matched with the norm of the Filipinos, thus not giving the appropriate results.


Not Competency-Based

Very few providers offer competency-based assessments in the Philippines. Competency-based assessments are important in measuring fitness to the job and organization of a person. These are measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors critical to successful job performance. Using these types of assessments is essential in assisting the HR process in identifying job-related development needs, supporting continuous improvement, and increasing job satisfaction!


Scoring Problems and Cost Efficiency

Most assessments, especially the pen and paper versions, are prone to human error and have slow turn-around time for results. Human errors diminish the reliability and credibility of the tests, and untimely delivery of results makes the hiring process longer, thus increasing the costs for the organization.


Revalidation of Assessments

Most of the “established” assessments have been existing for decades and don’t undergo the necessary revalidation process. This is to keep up with the constant change in the world or society we move in. Regular revalidation ensures a tool’s utility, affirms its continuous competence, and adheres to its improving quality.


Not all assessments are equal. While using workforce assessments will be very beneficial to your organization, you have to carefully evaluate the assessments that you’re going to use to ensure its effectiveness. It’s important to look for workforce assessments in the Philippines that don’t have the things we all hate!

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