Employees juggle multiple responsibilities and tasks. Because of this, to support them, it’s good that you have good technology for use in your organization. HR is one of the departments that can be greatly helped by technology, prompting its digital transformation. Here are 5 digital HR tools you need today!


5 Digital HR Tools You Need Today

Human Resource Management System or Human Resource Information System

HR departments have a lot of repetitive tasks, as well as tons of information to input, store, and track. A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software that helps the management of HR functions and information and is a digital tool to invest in for your organization.

Because the two work closely together, the terms are used interchangeably. But the main difference is on which functions they help. HRMS usually acts as the HR’s central platform–managing employee profiles, schedules, attendance, etc. And often, they have integrations that can access payroll, benefits management, even performance evaluations. HRIS, on the other hand, is data-driven and allow you to craft reports for audit purposes.


Online Pre-screening Assessments

More and more organizations are using pre-screening assessments because of the benefits it brings to their selection process. If you’re going to use these assessments, consider getting or developing online ones. Pen and paper tests are prone to human errors and have a slow turn-around time for results. By using online pre-screening assessments, you can:

  • reduce administration burden by only needing little to no supervision (for example, the timing of the tests, preventing examinees on going back on questions, etc.);
  • get and issue results faster  because of automated test scoring;
  • have a greater reach by allowing candidates from farther areas to take the exam, as well as have the flexibility to take the test anywhere; and,
  • be cost-effective, considering the little need of people, place, and supplies.


Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system or ATS is a software that allows you to manage candidates’ information in a single central database. Having an ATS can increase the efficiency of your recruiting process, measure data, aid you in succession planning, and make your organization cost-efficient. We have listed 5 reasons why you need an applicant tracking system here.


Payroll Software

Payroll processing is no easy task. Investing in good payroll software can lessen the difficulty of this task for your HR (and accountant/s). Automatically calculate and track paychecks, deductions, etc. using this solution. Some can even help you with taxes, lessening the trouble you’ll encounter once you need to file and pay them.


Feedback System

Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful. Using it can help you make better decisions, and at the same time, help you better manage employee performance. Having a comprehensive feedback system, such as a 360-degree one, can help you get a more well-rounded picture on how an employee performs, and at the same time help you with organizational and employee development.


Digital HR tools are there to make your life easier. Don’t just go and use whatever is the least expensive, highest rated, or the “trendy” option.  Whether you develop your tools yourself or avail them from a provider, it’s important to remember to do ample research and find the right one for your needs.