The 360-degree feedback, according to this blog post, is a leading management approach used to give employees a more objective view of their performance. It’s a multi-source feedback system that allows the employee’s subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors,  to evaluate his or her performance. This feedback system also includes a self-evaluation. Still not convinced with its power? Read more below.


Why a 360-Degree Feedback System?

Get a well-rounded picture

Due to the 360-Degree Feedback being multi-source, you can get a broader picture of the employee’s performance, as compared to just asking for feedback from the employee’s manager. Using this approach allows you to look at more than one aspect. Different people have different views of a person. You might be surprised at the insights you can get for an employee based on who’s rating him or her.


Promotes Personal and Organizational Development

One advantage of the 360-degree feedback is that it allows you to view an employee’s personal and organizational development opportunities. Reports from this system also focus on an employee’s areas of improvement. And from those reports, you may start planning and discussing how best to help the employee development.


Reduces Discrimination Risk

When feedback comes from a various number of people, discrimination risk is reduced. The effect of the tendency of managers or supervisors to evaluate employees based on their recent interactions—also known as the “horns and halo” effect—is also minimized.


Don’t forget that feedback and performance evaluations are also important parts of an employee’s work. These tools provide them with the knowledge they need to be an even better part of the organization. It’s important that you equip yourself with the best tools you can use. The 360-degree feedback is certainly one.

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