Have you ever felt frustrated, stressed, worried, or unmotivated? Or has someone made you feel this way? Maybe you made someone feel this way consciously or unconsciously?

Emotions greatly affect your decisions, behaviors, and performance either in a positive or a negative way. More often than not, when you’re feeling happy, joyful, or accomplished, you behave positively and perform better. But, when something bad happens, your behavior is also affected. That’s why it’s important to learn about Emotional Intelligence.

The advent of change is fast, swift, and engulfing every aspect of your life. However, one thing will remain constant—the need to elevate your soft skills in relation to how you do things. It is no longer an advantage just to know Emotional Intelligence—you need to feel and translate it into a competency that will be the determining and crucial factor in making a successful difference.

That’s why, on September 21, 2018, as part of Profiles Asia Pacific’s 20th-anniversary celebration, People Dynamics brings you the first-ever Emotional Intelligence Summit Asia in the Philippines that will discuss what is Emotional Intelligence, and it’s different applications: in work, in business, in leadership, in mindfulness, and more.



The Emotional Intelligence Summit Asia will be facilitated by local and international Emotional Intelligence experts including Dr. Ben Palmer, CEO and Founder of Genos International, one of the top companies providing Emotional Intelligence assessments; Mr. Deiric McCann, Head of International Development of Genos International and an acclaimed international author and speaker; Mr. Mondo Castro, a Gallup Strengths coach and a top-notch training and management consultant; Ms. Ruby Mañalac, Director of Marketing and Partnerships of People Dynamics and a sought-after Emotional Intelligence speaker; Ms. Regina Garganera, a consultant and certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner; Mr. Eric Caeg, owner of Retail Academy Philippines; and, as part of the EI experts panel, Dr. Vida Caparas, a seasoned trainer and licensed Psychologist.

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