A multitude of reasons is fueling the transformation of the HR world. And one of those reasons is technology. Because of this, HR digital transformation is a hot topic for HR professionals. But what is it really and how can it affect your organization?


HR Digital Transformation Defined

A post from DigitalHRTech defines HR digital transformation as “the process of changing operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven”.

While it is called “HR digital transformation”, it doesn’t only involve human resources, but the whole organization as well. After all, this process is a dual challenge of not only transforming HR operations but also transforming the workforce and the way work is done. And if done right, it’s not only a transformation, it’s also an outcome.


What is HR Digital Transformation For Your Organization

Despite the buzz, you might be wondering why should you care about HR digital transformation. However, as times change, it’s also necessary for you, your HR, and your organization as a whole, to change as well to be able to thrive. After all, the key to managing change is adaptability. Even big companies such as CISCO, IBM, and Unilever have already taken steps to digitize their HR procedures.

You can also have the following benefits when you embark on HR digital transformation:


Easier and More Efficient HR

Remember that despite the “scares” of technology and artificial intelligence for the workforce, technology is your friend. If you could use technology to simplify and standardize your HR processes, why not?

One of the goals of this transformation is to automate processes and to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. If you achieve these successfully, you’ll have an easier and more efficient HR.


Improved Employee Experience

We’ve already discussed what is employee experience or EX and how you can set up one for your organization. But, you can also use your digital transformation to give even better for your employees. Having good HR technology in your organization provides a gratifying experience to the members of your organization. This will help communicate that your company is “employee-friendly”, and in turn will give additional points to your employer brand.


Better Workplace Culture

If you have a more efficient HR and improved employee experience thanks to your efforts in digital transformation, then it can help you create a better workplace culture. And a better workplace culture can help you in numerous ways such as greater employee engagement and retention, improve productivity and performance, and shape your company’s internal and external identity.


Competitive Advantage

The things mentioned above—easier and more efficient HR, improved employee experience, and better workplace culture—are all things that give your company a competitive advantage. May this be in attracting, engaging, and retaining talents, or improving your organization’s performance and reputation.


Humans create and constantly improve technology mainly for one reason: to improve their lives. Digitally transforming your HR—with great care and ample research on what’s best for you—will surely improve your life and your organization’s as well!