Now that we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the year, the weather is getting colder and colder, and not to mention—wetter. And since the Philippines has only two seasons (namely, the wet and dry season), we’ve gotten used to adjusting almost everything based on the day’s weather—students praying for the suspension of class whenever thunder rumbles must be saying something, right? Just kidding! We may be used to the weather, but sometimes, we can’t help how it affects us, especially our productivity. Learn how the weather affects productivity below!


How Weather Affects Productivity

Alertness with Sunshine

Having clear, sunny weather? This actually helps employees stay on task and work more efficiently. The bright light from the sun helps keep the brain awake, alert, and attentive. Usually, when the weather is sunny, people want to finish their tasks early so that they still have time to do things while the sun is out.

At the same time, not all people enjoy the sunny weather. Clearer weather may distract people with things that they can do instead of working.


Reduced Motivation with Cloudy Weather

The lack of sunshine and darker surroundings signal the brain to relax and wind down. Employees may tire easily and be more distracted with working. Some people, however, could focus more during cloudy weather because there are fewer distractions outside. The sign of rain may also make them want to stay where they are instead of going out.

And a workplace that has poor lighting just reduces, even more, the motivation of employees to work. Make sure that your workplace has ample lighting if it is cloudy to help your employees to stay awake.


Rain a.k.a. Bed Weather

When it rains, it’s usually bad news (except for those hopefuls of suspension). The Philippines have a lot of areas that are prone to floods and landslides, slippery roads, and horrible traffic. It seems like every time the rain pours, vehicles and commuters magically multiply with each drop of water much like the gremlins in a certain movie.

Rainy weather has also been fondly dubbed as “bed weather”, a play on the phrase “bad weather” because the cool that it brings makes it harder to leave our beds and go to work, or makes us want to sleep.

The flashing of lightning and booms from thunder may also serve as a distraction. Hearing and seeing such ominous signs, people worry more about how they will be able to get home dry and unscathed instead of focusing on their tasks.


Slowing Down with Heat

As a tropical country, we experience extreme heat. In fact, just this March 8, 2020, Tuguegarao and Pasay records a 35.5°C temperature with PAG-ASA warning hotter days ahead. And on March 30, the highest temperature for Metro Manila in 2020 so far was recorded at also 35.5°C. And this is the actual temperature. The heat index is definitely higher. The heat index or human discomfort index is the temperature that people feel. And, a “dangerous” heat index is 41 to 50 degrees according to PAG-ASA.

With the discomfort brings, it’s more taxing to move. The hotter it is, the more energy your body needs to keep it cool, which means more effort. But don’t worry, the body will adjust just like it always does after a day or two so this excuse won’t be valid for a long time.


It depends on the person how the weather will affect him or her. Some people like it hot, some people like it cold. Some people like it dark while some people like it bright. If it affects you, a good working environment can do a lot for your productivity!

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