As crises come and go, there’s one certain thing: you need to adapt. It’s the key to be able to survive and thrive as the world goes through many changes. Because of this, adaptability is becoming one of the necessary competencies at work. So, here are some tips on how to demonstrate your adaptability at work!


5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Adaptability at Work

Staying calm and responding quickly to unexpected situations

Your body and mind have pre-conditioned responses whenever you encounter a stressful situation.  This is usually known as the fight-or-flight response. And there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s your instinctual way to face a situation. However, to demonstrate adaptability at work, you have to go beyond this and take control once again.

It’s no secret that emotions are so powerful that they can influence your thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. And usually, during an unexpected situation, emotions can go haywire. That’s why to demonstrate adaptability at work, you have to keep your emotions in control and respond quickly—and effectively—to the situation.


Knowing when to push and let go of your ideas

Adaptability’s focus isn’t and shouldn’t be on proving but should be on improving. Because of that, to demonstrate adaptability at work, you have to know when to push and let go of your ideas. If your idea can’t really be accepted, move on and do your best to support the idea that was chosen. In case the initial idea isn’t working, you may consider proposing alternative solutions.


Taking on different roles and responsibilities when needed

Doing your job well is essential. But did you know that taking roles and responsibilities outside of your job description is also critical? This demonstrates your adaptability at work. How?

When you take on things usually outside of your usual job, you show your flexibility. That whatever responsibility comes your way, you can face it. This situation also shows your adaptability when changes come your way.


Upskilling and reskilling yourself

Adaptability is one of the unexpected benefits of upskilling and reskilling yourself. In a rapidly changing world, constantly equipping yourself with new skills and knowledge can help you better adapt. Upskilling and reskilling yourself also fosters the ability to acclimatize and adjust to changes.


Changing your communication style based on who you’re talking to

You have a preferred communication style. However, it may not always effectively convey your messages when facing other people. One way to demonstrate your adaptability at work is to change your communication style based on who you’re talking to. It shows that you don’t only want to get your point across, but also that you’re willing to adjust to the other person so that you could understand each other better.


In a rapidly changing world, not adapting is equal to being left behind. Many cases prove that. So, if you want to stay relevant, you must adapt and demonstrate that adaptability at work.