Ah, traffic. As Filipinos, we are well-versed with it. EDSA? Ayala? Taft? Are you already feeling the horror just by imagining what these roads will look like during rush hour, whether in the morning or evening? During the peak of traffic in the evening, 80% of Filipinos spend an average of 2 hours before getting home.

The amount of time that we spend stuck between rows and rows of cars and public utility vehicles has some effects on our performance at work as well as our lives. Usually, we stay idle during these times lest we allow our stress to build up. What can you do to stay productive despite traffic?


Ways to Stay Productive Despite Traffic

Start Early

Think of your tasks for today. What things can you do while sitting inside a vehicle? Go through your emails and answer those you can if you’re connected to the internet, or make mental lists of the things that you need to do when you arrive at your workplace. That way, you’re already in work mode.


Stay Connected

If you need to talk to someone, do so, may it be through call, email, or message on any other platform. Just make sure that there won’t be a lot of outside noises to disrupt your conversation.


Read or Listen

Got a book that’s been sitting on your reading list since forever? Or a topic that you need to learn about but have been so busy to tackle? Being stuck in traffic means that you’re just there, sitting (sometimes standing), waiting to arrive at your destination. Use this time to read that book (or ebook), search for articles about that topic, or listen to some learning audio. If you have a material that you need to go through, do that, too. Be careful not to exhaust your eyes and ears while doing so!



Don’t get upset over something that you, unfortunately, experience daily is just a waste of time. Use this time to think some things through. As simple as what you will do first once you arrive at the office or what you will eat for lunch, to thinking of the opportunities you want to take or the challenges you need to face. You could think about the solutions to your problems. Or, you could daydream and let your mind roam free which will help increase your creativity!


Look around you, you’re not the only one who’s experiencing traffic woes. But unlike others who let their frustration consume them, you could use the time stuck in the road to be productive!