We already often hear about IQ or Intelligence Quotient when talking about a person’s capability. But according to some experts, there is another type of intelligence that is, if not equally relevant, is more important than IQ with regards to success, and that is Emotional Intelligence. As the years pass, numerous advances with the digital era and artificial intelligence are made, almost all the things that we, humans, can do can also be done by the machines.

And according to the World Economic Forum, the only remaining ability of humans that can’t be copied by machines—Emotional Intelligence.

To tackle the topic of Emotional Intelligence and its importance to success, last June 21, 2017, CNN Philippines invited our very own Ms. Ruby Mañalac, Director of Marketing and Distributor Networks of People Dynamics Inc. and Profiles Asia Pacific Inc., and a Certified GENOS Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.


Check out the importance of Emotional Intelligence to Success interview below!

“This is what we, Emotional Intelligence Practitioners, always say: IQ will get you the job, but EQ will get you promoted.”
Ruby Mañalac, Director: Marketing and Distributor Networks
Certified GENOS Emotional Intelligence Practitioner