You set a meeting with your client: great! But,  while this is a great opportunity to deepen your relationship, you realize that their office is far from yours. Are you already dreading the traffic and the long travel that you’ll have to face? Don’t worry, technology is on your side! With the advancement of technology, one method becomes more and more popular each day: video conferencing. Read about the advantages of video conferencing now!


The Advantages of Video Conferencing

Reduces travel costs

It’s no big news: traffic is terrible, especially during rush hour. This makes traveling time longer and more expensive. Video conferencing greatly reduces your travel costs. With video conferencing, you don’t have to leave the office to be able to talk to your clients, even overseas ones.

Since you stay at the office, you don’t have to spend money on a cab or gas. And, you also reduce unproductive travel time and prevent meeting delays.


Improves communication and engagement

In the age of digital advancement and artificial intelligence, people crave the human touch. And while it’s not as good as in-person communication, video conferencing still enables face-to-face interactions, giving a more personal touch than just via phone or email.

In a study, 79% of participants said communication on video conferences were more effective because being able to see others enabled them to concentrate for longer. This will help in motivation, acceptance of the decision—with 74% of the participants of the study felt that decisions reached through video-conferencing are more like joint decisions than those via phone or email, and willingness to contribute.

The ability to share documents and other materials live is also one of the advantages of video conferencing. This feature allows for more open discussions.


It’s free

One of the best advantages of video conferencing? It’s free! There are a lot of video conferencing sites and software that allow you to avail of their services for no cost at all. Should you wish for more features than the free ones, these services also allow you to upgrade for a certain fee, depending on what you need.


Despite how many news and articles come out about how the rapid advancement of technology is threatening, technology is also your friend. If you knew about a technology that can make your job easier with little to no cost, why not use it? Video conferencing is exactly that. So, what are you waiting for? Make use of technology now!