Traveling for work is common. These could be because of various reasons—having meetings, attending seminars and conferences, visiting for business purposes, etc. And when done frequently, these trips could actually wrack up quite a huge number. Employees certainly want good travel conditions, but at the same time, the organization also has to consider the cost. To help you solve this dilemma, here are 5 cost-effective ways to improve employee travel for your company!


5 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Employee Travel

For short-distance trips, consider ridesharing

Transport network vehicle service (TNVS), such as Grab, has become one of the staple means of transporting these days, especially for workers. After all, the convenience it brings to an employee who needs to go to a certain location is undeniable. One difference it makes is that it relieves the burden of the traveler to figure out how to get to their destination, particularly if they aren’t familiar with the location. However, because of the demand, prices can be ridiculously expensive. Thankfully, they also offer ridesharing options. Unlike taxis and exclusive car services, ridesharing will allow you to still experience the benefits of TNVS at a cheaper option. Try to encourage your employees to use this when they need to take trips within the city.


Look for discounts

If you really want to save money, the best way is to look for discounts. Businesses will always offer discounts to attract more customers. There is a variety of them—group discounts, loyalty programs, seat sales, etc. Some websites can help you compare the rates of various providers. For example, if you want to find the cheapest rate of a certain flight across different providers, the site Skyscanner can help and for accommodation such as hotels, the site Trivago can assist you.


Find a partner to help you with your needs

To be more cost-effective, why not find a partner that can help you with your travel needs? Hiring a travel agency can help you receive extensive travel resources. Usually, these agencies have special partnerships with various providers, allowing you to enjoy more discounts and promos. At the same time, having a partner can ease your mind should something unexpected happen. No matter how much you plan and prepare for every twist and turn when an employee travels, mishaps can always pop up. Your partner, with their resources, can make seamless itinerary changes.


Plan in advance but be flexible

Last-minute bookings are not only expensive—they’re also a hassle. Scheduling trips in advance will provide you with better rates and get the trip organized. However, you have to accept the fact that you can’t always plan in advance. Numerous factors can affect your arrangements such as reschedules and cancellations. This is where your adaptability and flexibility should come in.


Consider alternatives

If you want to save more, consider using alternatives. Need accommodation for your employee’s trip? Instead of searching for a hotel, you can consider looking through Airbnb. If the flights are too expensive, you may opt to travel by bus if time is not an issue. Sleeper buses are also now available, reducing the inconveniences brought by long sitting hours.


To improve employee travel, you don’t have to bleed money. All you have to do is look for better options that can satisfy the conditions that you want. Make traveling a win-win situation for you and your employees—provide them with good travel conditions and they will provide you with their dedication and productivity.