Employee onboarding is the process of integrating your new hires into the company. But, are your processes up-to-date and effective? If not, you risk disengaging your talents, and ultimately, lose them! This is why, as part of your employee onboarding processes, your training and learning programs also have to be effective—with e-learning at the forefront these days. But did you know that you could also use e-learning for your onboarding? Read more below on how and why you should do so!


E-Learning and Onboarding

Have you ever had new hires on their first few days are just sitting there doing nothing? What about new hires that can barely answer things about your company? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to carefully examine your employee onboarding process.

Employee onboarding involves the initial welcome, paperwork, orientation, training, and more. It’s the first impression you make to your new hire. And—depending on how it goes—can affect your turnover. In a new hire’s perspective, it can be horrible and anxiety-inducing just sitting there idly, clueless but also too scared to ask their boss what they should do. And, not all employees or managers have the time to focus and mentor a new employee, despite the benefits of having a mentoring program. This is where e-learning can help you.


Benefits of Using E-Learning for Onboarding

E-learning will enable you to be there even when you can’t

E-learning, because of its digital and often online format, doesn’t need the learner and the facilitator to be at the same place and time. It means that even when you’re not available, you can still go through your onboarding process. You can set up all your training and courses in advance. So, when your new employees arrive, you can just get them to enroll and take the programs that they need.


Reduce the needed resources

When you have multiple people coming in, it can be tiring to give the same spiel all the time. Concurrently, you also have to worry about looking for a conference room or a dedicated location where you can conduct your orientation and training. E-learning, since it’s electronic learning, means you don’t have to worry about those. Your e-learning will do the work for you, and your new hires could also take the courses they need at their workstation with the right equipment.


E-learning will help your onboarding process be more organized

A 2017 study by SHRM  found out that new employees who attended a structured orientation program were 69% more likely to stay at the company for up to 3 years. This means that when you have an employee onboarding program, it’s better to have it structured and organized. And e-learning can help you do these. Manage in advance the training and courses that a new hire needs through your e-learning platform and lessen the need for in-person training management. The system you use can also help you keep track of the progress of the new employee on your onboarding process.


Personalize a new hire’s training experience

Different people have different learning styles. This is one of the reasons why e-learning is right for your employee onboarding: giving your new hires a personalized training experience. They can go through the training programs they need at their pace, allowing them to retain the information better. Information overload is real, causing attention fatigue, and leaves them unmotivated and tired. Make sure, also, to include various content such as video, images, audios, quizzes, and assessments with your onboarding training programs to keep them engaged.


The long-term effects of employee onboarding are better engagement, job satisfaction, and ultimately, employee retention. Use e-learning to help you achieve these! Watch out for our next blog to know the secrets to make e-learning for onboarding successful for your organization.


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