Welcome to 2019! The new year brings new kinds of opportunities and challenges, not just for individuals but also for businesses, even for HR. That’s why the month of January is the perfect time to look back and learn from the past year and to create resolutions. Have you already started creating yours? If not, we list down some HR resolutions to make for the year ahead.


HR Resolutions You Should Make

Start the year with clear goals

One of the most important HR resolutions is to start the year with clear goals. To be successful this 2019, you first need to define what things you want to accomplish. Take a look back on what happened last year and work from there. Once you have set your goals, remember to keep track of your progress!


Make use of data and facts, and make decisions based on them

HR and data go hand and hand. Make use of them! Build quality and metrics into processes, and then use the data you have when making a decision. Decisions with a foundation of data and facts make it objective rather than personal. So that when problems do occur, the focus would be on what went wrong and why, instead of who messed up.

The data you have will also allow you to know which projects and goals you should stop, start, or sustain. This will allow you to align your HR priorities and goals with the company.



Listening is probably one of the most important skills a person needs to have. It’s one of the secrets of communication, especially during conflict. To be able to design programs that will yield results, you have to listen. Listen to what your people have to say, and them honest questions even if you’re afraid of what the answers will be. Your employees know best what they need.


Be committed

HR resolutions are useless if they’re not seen through until the end. Don’t just be enthusiastic at the start but also at the end, or, expressed as a Filipino idiom, “ningas-kugon”. Commit and involve yourself fully with your resolutions to be able to see the results!


We hope that the resolutions we listed above will help you make a great start for 2019. What other resolutions do you have that you can share with us?