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In today’s fast-paced economy and global landscape, writing well is no longer a luxury but a requirement to succeed in the business world.

This training will teach you

  1. how to apply the principles that feed into the whole writing process;
  2. how to deploy tools to improve your writing and editing abilities dramatically; and
  3. how to organize, structure, and revise your writing to communicate more masterfully than ever.

This training consists of two four-hour sessions, which are delivered via Zoom.

  • Pretest
  • Writing Principles
    • Clarity
    • Conciseness
    • Accessibility
    • Readability
    • Neutrality
  • Styles in Business Writing
  • Punctuation
    • Period
    • Comma
    • Semicolon
    • Colon
    • Question Mark
    • Exclamation Point
    • Hyphen and Dashes
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Lists
  • Numbers vs. Words
  • A Word on E-mail
  • Posttest

Business Writing Facilitator: Kier Belleza

Kier Edison C. Belleza got his career start as a journalist at the Manila Bulletin in 2017. He was only in college at the time.

Writing for the Philippines’ leading national newspaper allowed him to learn the ins and outs of the media industry.

It also made him experienced in the Associated Press style, the go-to style for news writing.

Despite juggling school and work, Kier graduated cum laude with a communication degree from Cebu Normal University.

After working as a journalist, he redirected his career to publishing.

Initially, he worked as a correction editor at an outsourcing company in Cebu City that services publishers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

He then became a copy editor professionally trained in the Chicago Manual of Style, the most widely adopted style manual for publishing across all disciplines.

At present, Kier works as the learning and development supervisor for People Dynamics Inc. He is a highly regarded trainer with a reputation for delivering content in ways that are practical, relevant, and “sticky.”

He has trained over 1,000 professionals from different government agencies, educational institutions, and business organizations nationwide.

He delivers workshops in writing, editing, verbal skills, public relations, training and development, among others. His classes consistently generate great feedback.

At the same time, he also works as the communications officer for Profiles Asia Pacific Inc., the country’s leading and premier provider of psychological assessments.

In keeping with his dedication to continuous learning, Kier is now working on his master’s degree in communication at the same university where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

He is certified in the DISC model of human behavior, which enables him to use DISC for training, coaching, and facilitating at all levels of an organization.

He is also a qualified emotional intelligence practitioner with Genos International. This capacitates him to offer valuable insight into professional and personal well-being.

Finally, Kier is a Google-certified educator who has the skills and knowledge to work at the forefront of educational technology.

People Dynamics is an accredited Learning and Development Institution by Profiles International, LLC., Wiley, Genos International, Civil Service Commission, and the Professional Regulation Commission.


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