Emotional intelligence made a big splash to the public back in 1995, when a study revealed that people with average IQs outperform people with high IQs, and that happens 70 percent of the time! The missing link they thought for this—emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence became that “something” in each of us, an intangible asset that affects how we manage our behavior and emotions, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. In turn, high emotional quotient (or intelligence) developed into a relevant characteristic looked for in a worker and in an organization.

An opportunity to talk about emotional intelligence, particularly emotional intelligence in businesses, was presented to us by ANC via Saturday Dateline last March 31, 2017, with Ms. Ruby Mañalac, Director: Distributor Networks of People Dynamics and Profiles Asia Pacific and a Certified GENOS Practitioner, and Ms. Mae Dael-Medina, a registered psychologist as well as a Certified GENOS Practitioner.

Check out a sneak peek of their interview below!


How does Emotional Intelligence Affect Businesses?

 “You have to remember that in any organization, 65 percent of the challenges are really about people. And 35 percent are only for systems and processes. And yet we spend so much on, you know, amping systems and processes. But really, it all was down to relationships. And that really goes to results.”

– Ruby Mañalac
   Director: Distributor Networks, Profiles Asia Pacific and People Dynamics
   Certified GENOS Practitioner