Our Big Event: The Grand Products Launch was finally held!

The HR practitioners and leaders from various organizations who attended the event made it successful. Thanks to all of you!

There were also talks about relevant human resources topics. Such as “Leadership, Disruption, Big Data” by Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a leadership expert and IT consultant, and “How HR can drive the change from Capitalism to Talenteeism” by Mr. Darwin Rivers, an HR expert with years of experience and various credentials. It was also a day of learning about what things will affect the future of human resources in the Philippines.

And of course, to contribute to the improvement of the Filipino workforce, we introduced four fantastic new assessments, namely the Work Motivational Intensity or WMI, the 360 Degree Plus Feedback System, the Profiles Competency Assessment, and, as the exclusive distributor in the Philippines, GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Training Programs.

Here’s a recap of what the four new products are about:


Work Motivational Intensity Assessment (WMI)

The Work Motivational Intensity Assessment (WMI) is designed to identify the intensity of motivation that a person has in their workplace. The scale can help inform the employer what compels their employees to perform a particular task and provide the proper guidance or encouragement when needed. The WMIS is a seven-point Likert-assessment scale grounded on the Self-Determination Theory of Motivation which focuses on “the why of behavior”.

Being a locally-based measurement tool makes the WMIS unique and relevant for use by the human resources department of organizations in the Philippines.


360 Degree PLUS Feedback System

The 360° PLUS Feedback System is a multi-rater feedback tool designed to guide individuals in attaining professional and personal development. This tool compares an individual’s self-ratings to the ratings of individuals who regularly interact and observe the “ratee” in a work setting. This is accomplished with ratings from different sets of “raters”: Boss(es), Direct Reports, Peers and Key Stakeholders, together with the self-rating.

Clients may select from over fifty competencies, the ones they wish to evaluate and create a customized questionnaire based on the selected competencies.


Profiles Competency Assessment

The Profiles Competency Assessment is a situational judgment assessment that utilizes an adaptive testing mechanism to assess the competency level of an employee which may be used in recruitment, selection, promotions, salary determination, performance reviews, and rewards administration.

Furthermore, it is also used to identify an individual’s specific competency in areas of interest to the organization; ones which are considered important for the individual’s success.


GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Training Programs

The GENOS Emotional Intelligence assessments and training programs help professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership, and resilience. In our world of “do more with less”, applying emotional intelligence at work is fundamental to success. GENOS aims to serve the need for assessments and programs which look at behavioral traits attributed to six specific dimensions of Emotional Intelligence.


Of course, as appreciation to all our participants, we gave them the chance to try our new assessments! Until our next event!

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