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Organization Design: Shaping a Learning Organization

The capacity to satisfy the needs of the organization’s stakeholders is a key factor in business sustainability. In today’s era, wherein markets are constantly evolving, only companies who master the ability to effectively pivot maintain a viable market share. Learn

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Technical Writing: Going beyond the Basics

Due to insistent public demand, we are pleased to offer a rerun of our technical-writing certification course on National Heroes Day. Communicating technical information to a nontechnical audience can be challenging. Oftentimes, technical people are so passionate and close to

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Culture Management: Sustaining High-Performance Work Systems

In the new-normal economy, companies need to develop the capability to remain resilient. Since culture defines the way organization members think, feel, decide, and act, one of the critical capabilities of resilient organizations is the ability to shape and sustain

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OD Interventions: Sustaining Organizational Effectiveness

The capability to eliminate barriers to strategy implementation enables organizations to meet its corporate goals. In a crisis period, business leaders need to quickly identify the appropriate interventions to address organizational concerns. Learn and apply the relevant OD interventions in

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Competency-Based Behavioral Event Interviewing

Save your organization money upfront by making only the right hire choice through better interviews! This two half-day online learning program will help you learn how to hire faster and smarter using proven behavioral event-interviewing techniques and support tools. This

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