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DISC Certification: Synergy from Diversity

Whether you’re a manager, trainer, consultant, or HR professional, you may be thinking about adding assessment tools to what you already have to offer. Our DISC certification program provides significant added value to training, organization development, recruitment, and so forth.

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Online Facilitator Certification Program

In this period of physical-distancing regulations, the ability to sustain valuable connections has become a vital skill for trainers, teachers, speakers, and leaders. Facilitating learning despite the lack of visual cues from nonverbal behaviors and facial expressions has become a

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Hiring Right: The ProfileXT® Certification

Studies show that employees are more engaged when assigned to jobs that match their thinking style, working style, and interests. Hiring right enables organizations to build and sustain a strong and resilient workforce. Keep abreast of current trends and tools

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Successful Surveys: The CheckPoint 360° Certification

Developing and implementing surveys have enabled organizations to gather rich, deep data on points for improvement and employee insights. To do so, one should know the basics of research, survey development, data collection, and analysis. Three-sixty degree feedback has become

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