There’s no doubt that employee engagement is important. Not only is it the key to employee performance, but it also plays a role in retention. But, in Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace, they report that worldwide, only 15% of workers are engaged. The question is: are your employees engaged? How can you find out if they are or aren’t? Conducting an employee engagement survey can help.

Read below the reasons why you should conduct an employee engagement survey now.


4 Reasons You Should Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey Now

Employee engagement surveys are designed to help you gain insights about how your employees are feeling at work. Thus, it should cover the positive and negative feelings of your team. Depending on how effective your survey is, it can help you uncover the real motivation factors of your employees and provide a better experience to engage and keep them engaged.


You want to measure employee engagement

The main reason that you need to conduct an employee engagement survey now is to know the engagement of your employees. To know where you currently stand. After all, it’s the main purpose of this survey. By measuring employee engagement, you can gauge how well your organization does in engaging and determine what you do well, what you don’t, and what you can improve. You can also uncover motivation factors that drive engagement for your employees.


Amplify your employees’ voice

Engagement surveys gather feedback from your staff. And since it does that, it’s a platform for your employees to tell you how they feel which encourages open communication. By amplifying employee voice, you tell them that their feedback is important for the management. This makes them feel valued and appreciated, which, in turn, improves employee morale. Of course, you also have to be sincere in taking your employees’ feedback.


You want to improve your organization’s performance

Employee engagement surveys are a good way to identify your organization’s weaknesses. You can see it as a diagnostic instrument. Your employees know best how your policies and processes work in reality, so they can provide useful information about it and how it can be improved. If something in your organization affects their engagement, you can treat it as a weakness and work on improving it.


Restructure your employee benefits

Are the employee benefits you offer are enough? You can find out if not through an employee engagement survey. You can learn what types of benefits your employees like among what you currently offer, and what they’d like to have. Using this data, you can restructure your benefits package.

A restructured benefits package that took into account what employees want and need can also help you attract talent. And with a better talent pool, you can find the perfect fit for your company.


Remember that for any tool to be of use, you have to consider what problems are inherent with them. Employee engagement surveys can be a beneficial tool for your organization—when done right.


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