Written by: Ruby Mañalac
Director: Distributor Networks

Last November 15-16,2016 could have been any ordinary working days. For some of us it was the official GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification event. Needless to say, our hearts were touched, we were moved and it turned our world around. Well, from our speakers’ point of view, it should have rocked our world.

When the daunting tasks ahead is to leverage performance, increase revenue and maintain stability in a dynamic, ever changing world, the question for us People Management practitioners and stakeholders is what does it take…what really matters???

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Activity 1


Our hearts were touched…

How do we look at our co-workers, subordinates, bosses? Are they merely headcounts, needing to measure up to the tasks at hand? Performers in a corporate tableau. If their performance is not up to par, we look for the next star. Or do we see them as heartcounts? People with families, feelings and needing pretty much what you and I aspire for.


We were moved…

Moving forward, we saw that there is more to work than tasks. More to careers than the corporate ladder and more to leadership than just driving the numbers upwards. We work with people. We manage our careers and balances it with our personal lives. Why do we need to sacrifice relationships to go up? The better question is why does it need to be lonely when you get to the top? Leadership is not just crunching the numbers. Empowering people is the essence of leading.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Activity 2


It turned our world around…

After the GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification program, a lot of statements were made!!!

From hereon, I will give people a chance. I will see their positive side.

From hereon, I will not just be mindful of others. But actually, be concerned.

From hereon, if it is hurtful to me or others, then I choose not to say  or do it. If it is “heartful” to me or to others, then I can say  or do it.

From hereon, I will choose to LOVE.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Group Picture

Well, I guess it did rock our world. And it doesn’t hurt that Emotional Intelligence does leverage performance, increases revenue and maintains stability.