Improve spoken English skills

With the Carnegie Speech Assessment™ and NativeAccent® Intelligent Tutor, you can measure and train spoken English skills—anytime, anywhere—with the use of state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.

To be understood and to understand—

when it really matters

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Before spoken English skills can be improved, English proficiency needs to be accurately measured and assessed.

Global businesses and educational institutions use Carnegie Speech Assessment® and NativeAccent® Intelligent Tutor to quickly, effectively, and affordably improve hiring decisions, carry out quality assurance testing, and evaluate the effectiveness of spoken English training.

At Carnegie Speech, we believe the true measure of language learning success is the ability to be understood—and to understand—when speaking a language.

“For nearly 20 years, our research-based speech technologies have been used to assess spoken language for learners around the globe.”

– Angela Kennedy, Carnegie Speech President and CEO

How the Carnegie Speech Assessment® and NativeAccent® Works

The Carnegie Speech Company (CSC) is the leading software developer for assessing and teaching spoken language skills. CSC developed the Carnegie Speech Assessment® (CSA) to evaluate a person’s speech.
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CSA uses speech recognition technologies under license from Carnegie Mellon University. This technology helps you accurately and objectively assess English language skills by appropriately identifying what is correct and incorrect in the speaker’s pronunciation, grammar, and fluency.

The Intelligent Tutor in the NativeAccent® 4 (NA4) speech training program prioritizes English pronunciation training exercises according to the unique pronunciation requirements of each user. The NA4 performs the role of an automated pronunciation tutor by evaluating and ranking pronunciation challenges according to the skill that needs the most improvement.

Carnegie Speech Intelligent Tutor

The Carnegie Speech Assessment® and NativeAccent® Intelligent Tutor measures

Phonetic Elements

Grammar Skills

Fluency Skills

Word Stress Skills


Get the global competitive edge by being able to speak one of the most spoken business languages.

Have better communication within and outside the organization.

Acquire cost-effective, scalable, and personalized spoken language instructions.

Maximize training effectiveness and minimize training time.

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