This guest post is written by Daisy Hartwell, a writer and blogger

In terms of communicating with other people, it’s not only words that bear great power and influence. It’s also the way our body behaves when we talk. Otherwise known as body language, this behavior usually accompanies our speech and makes it more expressive. Gestures, facial expressions, occasional fidgeting, the way you look at people, and even your stance—these are all body language signs.

And they can say a lot about you.

Apart from being an extra addition to your speech, body language can actually fully replace it. But that’s not even the best part. Through body language, it’s possible to understand what mood someone is currently in, what he or she is thinking, or even whether or not they’re trying to pull off a lie.

To understand body language more, have a look at this infographic. It’s going to show you some of the most common body language signs, mistakes, and signals that mean someone’s being dishonest.

Body Language

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