Work Motivation Intensity Scale

Assessment Overview

The Work Motivation Intensity Scale (WMIS) is an assessment that identifies the intensity of motivation a person has in their workplace.

The scale can help you, the employer, learn what compels your employees to perform a particular task and provide the proper guidance or encouragement when needed.


Work Motivation Intensity Scale Dimension: Internal Motivation

Internal Motivation (IM)

Defined as doing an activity for its inherent satisfaction rather than for some separable consequence.

Work Motivation Intensity Scale Dimension: Internalized Motivation

Internalized Motivation (IR)

A type of extrinsic motivation wherein individuals more fully transform the regulation into their own so that it will emanate internalized motivation from their sense of self.

WMI Dimension: Motivation Due to Self-Protection

Motivation Due to Self-Protection (SP)

Involves the internalization of external controls, which are then applied through self-imposed pressures to avoid guilt or to maintain self-esteem

WMI Scale Dimension: External Motivation

External Motivation (EM)

Involves engaging in a behavior only to satisfy external pressures or achieve externally imposed rewards.

WMI Dimension: Unmotivated Action

Unmotivated Action (UA)

A state of lacking an intention to act that results from not valuing an activity, not feeling competent to do it, or not believing it will yield a desired outcome.

Time Limit and Number of Items

Average completion time: 20 minutes

Additional Information

Level: Rank and File/ Entry Level Technical/ Specialists/ Officer Level/ Supervisory/ Managerial
Automated Scoring: Results are received right after completion of test
The test identifies the candidate’s motivational intensity, and self-determined behaviors.
Reports are presented with Behavioral Interpretations and Coaching Tips.