To further achieve the objectives of hiring high performing, competent, and credible civil servants, part of the development outcome are the improved HR systems through a review of relevant policies and standards, and models of competency-based HR systems and application. Not just private companies need a more competent workforce, but also for public servants. In cooperation with People Dynamics, Department of Health (DOH) and the European Union, a Validation Workshop for the development of select DOH and LGU (Local Government Unit) competency standards and position description to meet the needs of LGU service delivery was held at The Bayleaf Intramuros last February 7 and 8, 2017.

The participants of the validation workshop are composed of notable personnel from select DOH and LGU units in the country, and the workshop was facilitated with Dr. Jocelyn Pick, Dr. Vida Caparas, and Ms. Leonida Reyes.

Validation Workshop Dr. Jocelyn Pick

Validation Workshop Ms. Leonida Reyes

Validation Workshop Dr. Vida Caparas

The expertise and wide knowledge of the participants, as well as the facilitators, led to a very fruitful two-day workshop. As the validation workshop progressed, the differences with how some LGUs handle their health units with regards to job titles or positions, entry-level jobs, qualifications, salary grades, competencies, superiors or hierarchy in the office, etc. were discussed. The limitations, as well as other factors, that could affect the competencies and positions were also explored greatly.

We thank all the participants of the workshop!