Assessment Overview

Helps colleges and universities prepare their students with mock interviews. Many students often do not have yet the soft skills necessary to pitch themselves to employers. They are nervous about the experience and get rattled by unfamiliar questions. Practicing these essential skills will give students the knowledge and confidence to land their dream job with aplomb.

The system provides the ability to:

  • Schedule candidates for video interview
  • Replay, review, and rate the interviews online
  • Carry out large numbers of interviews in a short space of time
  • Record your own questions to be asked or select from our pre-recorded library or questions


  • Increase the size and quality of successful hires from your school’s talent pool.
  • Engage your students to develop their skills and confidence in making a positive impression.
  • Leverage the relationship of your Career Services Department with professors & alumni.
  • Opportunity to enhance the communication skill and address the critical skills gaps thru coaching and mentoring.