Profiles Tenacity Assessment

Assessment Overview

The Profiles Tenacity Assessment (PTA) measures a candidate’s ability to persevere despite the presence of adversity. It also takes a closer look at the factors essential to the capacity of a talent to strive and succeed at long-term goals, including resilience, perseverance, and optimism.


  • Resilience — the extent to which a person interprets and responds to adversity.
  • Perseverance — the extent to which a person is committed to achieving a long-term goal
  • Optimism — the extent to which a person sees good outcomes on their experiences and perceived adversity positively.

Average Completion Time and Number of Items

10 to 15 minutes
37 items in 7-point Likert Scale format

Additional Information

By using Profiles Tenacity Assessment (PTA), you will get the following reports:

  • Recruitment guide — shows the scores and provides interview questions for all dimensions being measured.
  • Individual profile — helps an individual identify areas for improvement.
  • Management report — provides behavioral indicators and coaching tips on each dimension.
  • Summary report — a one-page report showing the scores in graphs.
  • Full report — shows the candidate’s score on each dimension, corresponding behavioral indicators, and coaching tips.